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Oversized Sunglasses

Designer Quality Sunglasses Wholesale # MP6745MXSD
Designer Quality Sunglasses Wholesale # MP6745MXSD

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What was once a fading trend in the 1960s and 1970s has rebounded thanks to famous celebrities and new fashion trends that have made oversized sunglasses popular once again. Today, you see oversized sunglasses on fashion models, pop stars and anyone who wants to draw just a bit more attention to themselves while getting great eye protection from the sun. Oversized sunglasses are the trend that has returned prominently to American culture and now you can jump on the bandwagon.

The history of the oversized sunglasses goes back to the halcyon days of fashion in Europe in the mid-1950s when new trends and styles were attracting the attention of people around the world. Soon, the larger oversized sunglasses became an icon of the latest fashion trends as they combined with very popular European films of the time. It wasnít long before Americans joined in and oversized sunglasses were seen everywhere.

Today, oversized sunglasses are enjoying resurgence as most fashion trends to thanks in large part to people wanting choices other than the sleek, thin designs that are still very popular as well. Oversized sunglasses are a true fashion statement, yet their sheer size also means that you get full UV protection and have the sturdy frames made of high quality products customers expect. What was once thought lost to the passage of time oversized sunglasses have made a remarkable return and today are enjoying a new wave of popularity around the world.

Our oversized sunglasses are very inexpensive because they are based on established, highly popular styles. So you get an attractive, high quality product at a very low price that your customers will appreciate. When you add oversized sunglasses to your display, it means offering customers an impulse purchase item that is perfect the entire year round, but especially for spring, summer and early fall months when outdoor activities are a must and being seen around town is highly desired as well.

We offer our oversized sunglasses at wholesale prices when you purchase them in bulk. The prices you see on our website are for a dozen of each pair of sunglasses, not just one. So you can save a great deal of money while offering your customers the solid, high quality product of oversized sunglasses at prices that they canít turn down. Our sunglasses come in pre-assorted frames and lens colors so you can identify them easily and put them on display quickly, saving you time and effort. Oversized sunglasses are the perfect impulse purchase item for your retail store. Whether you run a boutique, pharmacy, gift shop or any type of store that sells products over the counter, you can add a new line of highly desirable sunglasses that are attractively displayed. In fact, a large number of sunglasses are sold in this manner because most people do not think about purchasing sunglasses until they see them displayed. So having good quality, highly popular oversized sunglasses displayed near your checkout station is the perfect addition to your line of products.

Oversized Sunglasses