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Elvis  Sunglasses wholesale # ELS-193
Elvis Sunglasses wholesale # ELS-193

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Elvis Sunglasses

Who said you couldn’t be the King of Rock ‘n Roll? With these sporty Elvis sunglasses you’ll by takin’ the Mystery Train to Heartbreak Hotel in style. These Elvis sunglasses are exact recreations of the ones famously worn by Elvis during the early 1970s when he established that legendary look that became famous the world over. Of course, whether you wear the long sideburns and classic white jumpsuit is up to you, but you’ll feel like you’re in Graceland while wearing these high quality Elvis sunglasses.

Just like the King, you have a variety of lens and frame colors to choose. From his signature silver frame lenses that he made famous during his Las Vegas days to the outstanding gold colored frames that helped establish his legend during his frequent tours of the US and around the world, either choice makes for a perfect way to show your love of Elvis and his music which changed pop culture forever.

For those who want to add just a bit to their Elvis sunglasses, you can choose rose-colored lenses to make a signature statement that will get everyone’s attention. However, you might be more inclined to choose Elvis sunglasses complete with black sideburns on each side, in case you don’t want to grow them yourself. The addition of sideburns is perfect for costume parties, outdoor activities or when you just want to show your appreciation for the King.

More importantly, Elvis sunglasses are made from highly durable materials that will last far longer than the gimmick sunglasses that you’ll find at other wholesale stores. These Elvis glasses will last long after you have left the building. Our Elvis sunglasses are inexpensive because they are based on the exact style that Elvis himself wore, so the design is already established. This means you get a solid, high quality product at a very low price that your customers will appreciate when you put them on display. Adding Elvis sunglasses to your product line means offering your customers an impulse purchase item that’s great especially for events where they might want to have a laugh at a costume contest or just to pull a surprise on someone.

You can purchase Elvis sunglasses at wholesale prices when you purchase in bulk. The prices listed on our website are for a dozen items, not just one. Therefore you get great savings while getting a high quality product that your customers will purchase at the price you set which can be quite low and competitive. Elvis sunglasses come in pre-assorted frames and lens colors so you can identify them easily and put them on display quickly. Sunglasses are the perfect impulse purchase item for your store, no matter what type of retail store you run. The high sales potential of having sunglasses is because most people do not think of purchasing them until they see the sunglasses displayed. Having good quality, highly popular Elvis sunglasses displayed near your checkout station is the perfect addition to your line of products. When you purchase them in bulk you save money and can offer your customers a product that they will buy and enjoy.

Elvis Sunglasses